Mindfulness Coaching

teaching mindfulness_Fotor
Lucy guiding a group meditation at the Crossrail Place roof garden in Canary Wharf.

The benefits of mindfulness are undeniable. A regular practise can boost positive emotions, reduce anxiety and fight stress, encourage empathy, improve creativity and even improve our physical health.

Many people read about mindfulness, but don’t know how or where to begin their journey. Others experience the benefits during a class or might have downloaded an app, but then struggle to make it a part of their daily routine and need help getting over the ‘habit’ hurdle.

Whatever your previous experience, I will support you on your journey, guiding you through various mindfulness meditation practises and helping you reach your goals. I will be there to offer context, knowledge and useful tips along your journey, helping you overcome those moments of doubt and distraction you will inevitably encounter.

My coaching sessions can be taken over the telephone, Skype or face-to-face. They are booked on an ad hoc basis, so you can fit me in around your schedule or line up a few regular sessions to get you started. I’m also happy to work with couples or small groups.

Curious? Listen to my 5 minute mindfulness meditation HERE or get in touch lucy@technotox.com / 07764 487950.


“I thought Lucy was really friendly and someone you felt you could trust straight away” Anonymous 

“They were great sessions, and a lot of what you taught us has really stuck with me. I even found myself doing a quick body scan on the tube the other night because I was feeling stressed” Ben

“I liked the way that Lucy addressed negative things we might be feeling, as well as the positive. For example, pointing out that we might be feeling discomfort in a certain body part. Addressing this head on made me feel like I could say potentially negative things during the discussion bits, which was very freeing” Anonymous 

“I liked that her techniques were short and simple. I also liked that it wasn’t spiritual but more experiential” Anonymous 

“…thanks for guiding us over the past six weeks. It’s made a real difference” Paul 

“It’s accessible and easy to use in real world situations” Anonymous 

guided meditation_Fotor
Lucy guiding a group body scan during an urban retreat in Manchester.