I’ve worked with over 200 leaders, directors and high potential individuals across the UK and globally since 2014. I was drawn to coaching after a failed advertising career (yes, I failed and i’m so pleased I did!) and a desire to connect with people at an incredibly personal level. I longed to uncover their deepest insecurities, their darkest thoughts and ask the questions even their lovers wouldn’t dare. What holds you back? Where and to who do you give up your power? What won’t you admit to yourself? When do you feel most authentic? I wanted to become a co-pilot and help people accomplish their wildest missions. Training to be a coach gave me the tools to facilitate that.

My USP is an integration of my training in Positive Psychology, Resilience and Mindfulness into my coaching programmes. Wherever possible I include positive psychology interventions – the building blocks of a happy and flourishing life, resilience tools and skills, and effective ways to recognise stress, reduce distractions and manage overwhelming thoughts and feelings more effectively. As a result my clients learn valuable insights and benefit from increased self-awareness and regulation. Their productivity and purpose are realigned and optimum performance and results achieved. Read what previous clients have to say here.

I’m a proud member of the International Coaching Federation and John McKee and Associates in California. If you want to know more, call or text +44 (0) 7764 487950. 

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Mindfulness and the Entrepreneur

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”
(Old Zen adage)

I always knew I wanted to work for myself. Freedom and flexibility are two of my strongest values and every 9-5 job I ever had stepped all over them so the decision to hand in my notice and become an entrepreneur, was one of the easiest I’ve ever made.

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