3 Steps to Setting Goals for 2017 (part 3)

Last week we used a visualisation tool to think about where we want to be 12 months from now. Combined with the first step (where we want to be), we should have a good understanding of our current situation and exactly where we want to get to.



The final step is to breakdown your goals into small, achievable steps. To think about the small changes you can make today, that will have a big impact in the long term.

Take each area and write down five measurable steps you could take to get a bit closer to your goals. Draw up two columns and include both an action (something you’ll do) and a mindset (how you’re going to be) e.g. Set a to do list every day (action) and stick to it (mindset = disciplined).

Your steps need to be measurable so you can chart your progress, and discover what’s working for you and what’s not. Once a week schedule some time to check-in with your progress and ensure you’re staying on track. If things aren’t working, make sure you adapt your plans, based on your findings. And when things have worked, make sure you reward yourself. Rewards can provide much needed motivation when it comes to sticking to your goals.

Looking at the big picture can feel overwhelming and put you off making any changes, but the key to progress (and staying motivated), is to break things down into small, bite-size chunks so they feel less intimidating.

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