3 steps to setting goals for 2017 (part 2)

Last week we looked at the first step to setting goals, using the Wheel of Life to assess Where are you now? Read it here.



Completing the Wheel of Life will have given you a good idea of your life satisfaction levels. Depending what you’re going through, there are usually a few disastrous areas that fall well below the other marks, so these should provide good fuel for your goal setting in 2017. Try to whittle it down to one or two main focus areas. It’s difficult to change everything in one go, so choosing one or two to start with will help to ensure you keep motivated, stay on track and don’t feel too overwhelmed.

Having pinpointed your areas for growth and change, take a moment to stop, pause and close your eyes. Visualise yourself 12 months from now and start to think about how you want that area of your life to be different. Ask yourself the following questions… What am I doing? What’s different? Who am I being? Who’s around me? How am I waking up in the morning feeling?

Let your imagination get carried away. Don’t put any limits on how much things could have changed. Think big, dream bigger – life is here for the taking and you get to choose how you’re going to sculpt the next 12 months, so make it count. Aim high and have fun with this. After all, it’s the next chapter in your life story.

Make some notes and repeat this visualisation for each area. If it helps you can draw sketches or create mood boards, use colours and imagery to ignite the imagination. And if you want to change the time frame, feel free to imagine yourself 6 or 18 months from now. Perhaps you have a special date in the diary or are aiming for early retirement. Make sure this feels right for you and whatever’s going on in your life.

Next week we’ll be looking at step 3 How am I going to get there? and finding practical steps to get you moving on your journey.

In the meantime, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch lucy@technotox.com.

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